What are Dangerous Goods? You need to know!

Do you know what Dangerous Goods are?

Dangerous Goods, or a Hazardous Chemical – do you know the difference?

Could your recognise the Class they are from – or more importantly how they should be:

  • Stored?
  • Handled?
  • Transported?
  • Utilised?

Whilst many Dangerous Goods have similar looking labels, if you are not familiar with handling these products you may be unaware of the risks and hazards.

Maybe you’re just a small warehouse, or a local shipping company, or other facility handling a broad range of products. But would you know how to identify Dangerous Goods?

Dangerous Goods are considered dangerous because they can have an immediate physical effect on people and the environment around them. For example, do you know what happens if pyrophoric materials were to come into contact with moisture?

Understanding the mechanics of Dangerous Goods is crucial for any business or industry that may come into contact with, or handle and store them, to ensure the safety of the workplace and people, and to maintain your company’s reputation.

Our new course Dangerous Goods Storage and Handling is perfect for any business looking to gain knowledge in this space and upskill staff.