Juan Solano

“The course was comprehensive
I was a first time user and found the course easy to use
An online course was the best option for us to use onsite
The Assessment at the end of each module helped clarify the main points
Yes I would recommend this course to others
The cost was competitive
I completed the course in approximately 6 hrs.”

David Massey

“Previously done another course, online was a better option
Cost was reasonable.
Course was straight forward, to be able to leave and go back to it was a plus
Yes I would recommend this course to others”


“Found the course content informative
But a little difficult to navigate
Online was of benefit for convenience
The setup of the enrolment was easy
This course was preferred by the Company
I would recommend this course”

Kenneth D’Silva – DG Shippers by Air

“A good course which made me use the Regulations
Cost was borne by the Company
Much more convenient to do on-line
I would recommend this course to others”

Donna Anderson

“The course was informative
Easy to navigate
The course didn’t time out and you were able to resume where you’d left the module
Thought the 2nd chance to answer the question correctly was of value
Was recommended by a workplace colleague
Would definitely promote within her workplace.”

Martin Yang

“Course was well designed
First formal DG course I’d done
Easy assessment and learning program
Internally – OH&S recommend training”

Saman Zomaya

“The course was informative, useful and very convenient
First time doing an online course
Information was clear, the site easy to navigate
I would recommend this course to others”

Malcolm Stoddart

“Current DG course had expired, so online was a convenient option with the cost being reasonable.
The course made you refer to the Regulations
Criticism – The course refers to the same chemical (Acetone), vary these if possible
Would definitely recommend to others”

Pranesh Lal

“Doing online training was convenient
The course was logical and straight forward
Useful ‘hands on’ information, with a lot of the information relevant to our business
Would recommend to others, very useful”

Paul Wright

“Had done training in UK but not in Australia and found the course pretty good with lots of reading
The course made you refer to the Regulations.
I found it easier to work in blocks rather than to begin a section and leave it (even though the course allows you to do this)
Some of the sub sections could be confusing especially if you are stopping and starting, then you had to back track.
Would recommend to others
Had not done an online training course before, was easier than what I thought it would be
Course was clear and logical
Would recommend to others”