DG Awareness by Air and non-DG Acceptance 2021

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About the Course

CASA Approved for Employee Groups B C D and E

This course provides the knowledge to determine whether goods are classified as dangerous goods and accept the non-dangerous goods into the air freight environment.

This course also covers the requirements for Flight and Cabin Crew for Dangerous Goods Awareness.

Suitable for

  • persons whose duties include accepting non-dangerous cargo;
  • flight crew and load planners;
  • aircraft cabin crew;
  • employees of ground handling agents, freight forwarders or screening authorities who handle air cargo or passenger baggage.

This course is NOT suitable for persons whose role includes packing, shipping or accepting dangerous goods for transport by air.

When you have completed the course, you will able to recognise dangerous goods consignments including hidden dangerous goods.

  • Dangerous Goods terminology
  • Australian Dangerous Goods legislation and its relationship with ICAO
  • Operators dangerous goods manual
  • General philosophy on carriage of dangerous goods
  • Shippers and Operators responsibilities
  • Dangerous goods carried by passengers and crew
  • Dangerous goods in the operator’s property
  • Risk to aircraft and occupants associated with the nine classes of dangerous goods
  • Classification of dangerous goods
  • Identification
  • Packing, marking and labelling of a dangerous goods consignment
  • Handling, stowage and segregation
  • Recognising hidden dangerous goods
  • Emergency procedures
  • Reporting of accidents/incidents