Dangerous Goods Transportation of Lithium Batteries 2021

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About the Course

CASA Approved Group F

Approved Course for Shipping Lithium Batteries and will provide the mandatory qualification for Shipping BY Air including the authority to sign the Shippers Declaration

This course is intended for shippers, freight forwarders, and employees involved in the handling, shipping, and/or transport of Lithium Batteries by air, including equipment containing lithium batteries, lithium batteries packed with equipment, and spares.

A wide array of electronic devices, vehicles, and equipment are powered with lithium batteries. This includes cell phones, digital cameras, laptop computers, tablets, and portable video game consoles. However, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the International Air Transport Association (IATA), consider these batteries to be Class 9 hazardous materials. The stored energy within these batteries or cells that power many of the items we use in our daily lives can, under certain conditions, cause lithium batteries or cells to overheat and catch fire. This poses a great risk to the integrity of the packaging, as well as of the aircraft transporting the lithium batteries, endangering lives and property.

This course is self-contained but we will always recommend that a copy of the CURRENT IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations be available or at a minimum Lithium Battery Shipping Guidelines to complete the course to grasp a full understanding of the regulations that govern the shipment of Lithium Batteries by air