Dangerous Goods Transportation for Shippers Recertification 2020

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About the Course

CASA Approved for Group F employees

If you hold a current DG Shippers certificate and are involved in carrying, shipping, and handling dangerous goods by air this is the course you need to maintain your DG Currency,

You are required to complete a refresher course every two-year following the receipt of your initial Certification.

This course can only be done if your qualification is still current. It must be completed WITHIN the last three months of your qualification expiring for you to add an additional two years to your existing expiry date and CANNOT be completed after expiry.

Shippers of DG, people preparing DG for consignment and sign transportation documents (Shippers Declaration). Suitable for CASA Group F employees.

To continue with this course, you will need to provide a record of your current Shippers Certificate.

Note – A copy of the CURRENT IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations is required to complete this Training