• What level of computer literacy is needed for the courses?

    The course is designed to be easy to navigate, only very basic computer literacy skills are needed.

  • Do I need to complete the course at once?

    You can start and stop anytime to suit time availability. To continue, simply login and continue from where you left off.

  • How long do I have to complete the course?

    The time limit is 3 months to complete the course. Please contact us if you have any special circumstances.

  • When do I get the certificate?

    The certificate will be automatically issued on completion of each unit and the final assessment.

  • What is the validity period of the certificate?

    Two years, as stated by the regulations.

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We do what we do to make your day easier and better.

  • “The online course content was comprehensive
    Online training was more focused as in the classroom the discussion often got side-tracked”

    Marie Ziegenfusz

    International Trade Management

    “The online course was convenient as I could do it in my own time
    The resources were informative and straight forward to use”

    Alzira Lay Leong

    SDV Australia

    “The course was very easy to navigate, with all information well identified.
    The assessment was quick and easy”

    Simone Pedrosa

  • “The course was easy to use, very clear in its online form
    To receive the Certificate on completion of the course automatically was convenient
    I would recommend this course to others”

    Jacqui Sutti

    P.M.G. Engineering Services Pty Ltd

    “Wayne had a background in DG, but had let it lapse
    Found out about the course via a referral (word of mouth)
    Bit of difficulty initially – perhaps in the first section a link to explorer or browser like you find in adobe….so you can find the reference ( regs.)
    Also in the Cargo section – Sticker is missing
    Price was definitely an advantage
    As was not having to wait for a course to be available.
    Would refer to others”

    Wayne Nicholson


    “Fairly easy to use as I had been working with Dangerous Goods, but if doing the full Certificate, could be difficult
    It was available and online
    More convenient than booking a trainer and organising a minimum of 8 people to attend
    Would prefer face to face, but if unavailable a good option”

    Susan Reilly

    John Curtin University
  • “Previously done another course, online was a better option
    Cost was reasonable
    Course was straight forward, to be able to leave and go back to it was a plus
    Yes I would recommend this course to others”

    David Massey

    Macquarie Air

    “Found the course straight forward
    Online was of benefit for convenience
    Cost was comparable
    I would recommend this course”

    Tim Hawdon

    Export Air

    “Wanted an Australian based course that would be accessible on line
    The course overall was comprehensive and easy to use
    More instruction required for ease of completion regarding the modules
    Would recommend to others.”

    Monica Reay

    Research Quality & L & D Manager, HOCA Research Centre
  • “The course was comprehensive
    I was a first time user and found the course easy to use
    An online course was the best option for us to use onsite
    The Assessment at the end of each module helped clarify the main points
    Yes I would recommend this course to others
    The cost was competitive
    I completed the course in approximately 6 hrs.”

    Juan Solano

    Townley Group International

    “Previously done another course, online was a better option
    Cost was reasonable.
    Course was straight forward, to be able to leave and go back to it was a plus
    Yes I would recommend this course to others”

    David Massey

    Macquarie Air

    “Found the course content informative
    But a little difficult to navigate
    Online was of benefit for convenience
    The setup of the enrolment was easy
    This course was preferred by the Company
    I would recommend this course”


    Jason Kelly
  • “A good course which made me use the Regulations
    Cost was borne by the Company
    Much more convenient to do on-line
    I would recommend this course to others”

    Kenneth D’Silva – DG Shippers by Air


    “The course was informative
    Easy to navigate
    The course didn’t time out and you were able to resume where you’d left the module
    Thought the 2nd chance to answer the question correctly was of value
    Was recommended by a workplace colleague
    Would definitely promote within her workplace.”

    Donna Anderson

    Orica Australia

    “Course was well designed
    First formal DG course I’d done
    Easy assessment and learning program
    Internally – OH&S recommend training”

    Martin Yang

    Wacker Chemical
  • “The course was informative, useful and very convenient
    First time doing an online course
    Information was clear, the site easy to navigate
    I would recommend this course to others”

    Saman Zomaya

    Australian Laboratory Services

    “Current DG course had expired, so online was a convenient option with the cost being reasonable.
    The course made you refer to the Regulations
    Criticism – The course refers to the same chemical (Acetone), vary these if possible
    Would definitely recommend to others”

    Malcolm Stoddart

    Mobis Australia

    “Doing online training was convenient
    The course was logical and straight forward
    Useful ‘hands on’ information, with a lot of the information relevant to our business
    Would recommend to others, very useful”

    Pranesh Lal

    Mobis Australia
  • “Had done training in UK but not in Australia and found the course pretty good with lots of reading
    The course made you refer to the Regulations.
    I found it easier to work in blocks rather than to begin a section and leave it (even though the course allows you to do this)
    Some of the sub sections could be confusing especially if you are stopping and starting, then you had to back track.
    Would recommend to others
    Had not done an online training course before, was easier than what I thought it would be
    Course was clear and logical
    Would recommend to others”

    Paul Wright

    Mobis Australia

    “Found out about the course searching online
    Had not done an online training courses before, found the course straight forward and logical
    An online course was more convenient for our workplace
    Have already recommended to others”

    James Adams

    Townley Group International

    “Found out about the course via Google
    Easy to navigate through
    Price was reasonable and online was convenient
    Is a new requirement for all Aviation Instructors”

    Dan Tomic

    Sydney Aviators
  • “Course was straight forward
    Covered all information for her position, and relevant information for our University’s needs
    Decision to do course was that there would be back up if someone was away all bases would be covered
    Price was reasonable”

    Gillian McFarlane

    Uni Sunshine Coast – Faculty of Science

    “Good in-depth information beyond what was required
    Infographics were clear and information concise.
    Course was engaging – met expectations.
    Recommended by a colleague
    It was online and easily available”

    Edmund Barrett


    “Found the course content informative and straight forward
    Course was easy to use
    Online was of benefit for convenience
    The course made you use the regulations
    3 months to complete this course”

    Mike Duggan