Dangerous Goods – 5 things you need to know

Its essential you and your employees KNOW the Dangerous Goods that your organisation are handling and that you meet the necessary requirements of regulation and legislation.

This knowledge can be gained through a certificate in the Dangerous Good Awareness.

    1. Regulations and legislation apply to all employees involved in the transport of the Dangerous Goods from start to finish in the process.
    2. Ensure you are up to date with new IATA requirements – This knowledge can be gained through a certificate in the Dangerous Good Awareness course.
    3. Must have appropriate knowledge of packaging and the properties of hazardous materials – including labeling and storage -and ensure that employees have the right knowledge to handle hazardous chemicals in particular.
    4. Training is essential – making sure your employees understand what to be aware of is what we do at DG Trainer. This is not just limited to handlers, but also those who approve documentation, packers, operators, and delivery operators – everyone in your chain of command is reflective of your business practices and it is your responsibility if anything goes wrong
    5. Ensure your documentation is accurate – this is critical for hazardous materials, and it is essential to clearly communicate to other chains of shipping and handling. DG Trainer’s courses offer a broad range of options to help cover this.

IATA 2021 update

Imminent changes appear locked in for the 62nd Edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.

2021 will have a direct impact on all involved in the transport of dangerous goods by air, rail, sea and road.

If you ship or handle dangerous goods then these changes impact the way you go about your work.

Our courses will soon reflect the changes, look out for an announcement.

In the meantime you can via a summary here